2006 - November
TROPON, after 100 years of existence, is renamed as Meda Manufacturing GmbH.
2005 - September Meda acquires TROPON/Viatris

On 29 September 2005, the Swedish Meda AB company becomes the new legal owner of the VIATRIS Group and TROPON GmbH.

2004 - August TROPON and Viatris under one roof

Viatris Holding GmbH, the parent company of Viatris GmbH & Co. KG, acquires the shares in TROPON GmbH with legal effect. In legal terms, TROPON and Viatris remain independent companies, operating as "sister companies" of Advent International Funds.

2001 - January TROPON resumes independent activity in the pharmaceutical sector in Germany. 
Advent International acquires TROPON. 
CNS research is transferred to Bayer AG at the end of the year. 
Marketing in Germany is integrated in Bayer Vital. 
Disorders of the central nervous system (CNS) become another key area of research at TROPON, with particular emphasis being placed on the indications of stroke and age-related cerebral disorders (e.g. Alzheimer's disease). 
TROPON becomes a subsidiary of Bayer AG. The production facilities are expanded and research intensified. In addition to providing services for Bayer, TROPON maintains its original business: marketing in Germany and export of preparations for the treatment of rheumatism. Rheumon® and Rantudil® are sold in over 30 countries.

TROPON is reorganised: with its own laboratories, the company increasingly focuses on research and develops new substances. The product range is primarily expanded in the area of psychotropic drugs. 
The TROPON plant is badly damaged in heavy bombings. Following the end of the war, Prof. Dr. Erwin Bumm steers the company through reconstruction.

Under the management of Wilhelm Grumme-Douglas, a grandson of the company founder, TROPON begins to conduct systematic pharmacological studies. The company enjoys a high reputation in the Cologne business community. The grounds are expanded several times, the number of employees and products rises. Thanks to international contacts established early on, export revenue steadily increases.
Mülheim is incorporated into the city of Cologne. 

For reasons of trademark law, the company and product name "Proton" has to be changed - and two letters are simply switched to turn "Proton" into "Tropon".

The first General Manager, Freiherr Eberhard von Bodenhausen, commissions Belgian Art-Deco artist Henry van de Velde to design posters and packaging. The resulting advertising poster is probably the most famous of the Art-Deco period and paved the way for an entirely new branch of industry: advertising graphics and design.

An original of this first TROPON poster is now on display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Freiherr von Bodenhausen was less fortunate in business: the protein product "Tropon" developed to improve general public health, fails to become a successful mass product and its production is soon discontinued.


The company began combining the "Tropon" protein product with chemical substances. As a result, articles such as "Iron-Tropon", "Malt-Tropon" and "Iodine-Tropon" appeared on the market. Some of these preparations were still being produced fifty years later. This company was clearly on its way to becoming established in the pharmaceutical industry.

After two years of preparation, "Proton GmbH" is established on 14 September of this year in Mülheim am Rhein, which was then still an independent town and at the height of economic prosperity.